Two Identical Twins Marry Two Identical Twins And The Children Of Both Couples Are “Genetic Cousins ​​And Brothers”


 The two Salyers families live in the same house after getting married at the same time and run a wedding celebration business together

Identical twin sisters Brittany and Briana met identical twin brothers Jeremy and Joshua Salyers at a festival in 2017. Something similar to what was seen in an episode of the series “Gilmore Girls”.

These two “photocopied” families have baffled people who don’t know them on social media. On February 2, they posted on Instagram, where they have a common account with 114,000 followers, a video with the following comment:


“Happy 2-2-22! Exactly four years ago, we got engaged! It was a surprise double proposal. Brittany and Briana thought they were at Twin Lakes Park to shoot a local ad for the park’s wedding venue. It turns out that the cameras were there because Josh and Jeremy had arranged for Inside Edition to capture the double proposal. What an amazing day! This year’s anniversary falls on the extra special twin date 2-2-22! Now we all own and we run our own wedding venue together. Love is always in the air. And now we have two baby boys to celebrate too! Thank you to all the wonderful individuals and families who have followed our double love story. Over the years more from twinfinity!

To the bewilderment of users, some launched their theories: “Their mothers and fathers are identical twins. Both sets of parents had children. The exact same DNA created both.”


Identical twin pairs form what are known as quaternary marriages. The children of those couples are legally cousins, but they would appear genetically as siblings.

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