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Birds are fascinating creatures! They impress with their colourfulness, their complex behavior and their special abilities. Did you know that crows can build tools adapted to individual problems? Can pigeons recognize themselves in the mirror and ravens are empathetic? Last but not least, birds have a special ability that we humans have always dreamed of – the ability to fly.

We always want the best for our feathered friends. That is why you will find a large selection of food and accessories for ornamental birds and wild birds as well as a wide variety of ornamental birds in our Kölle Zoo stores.

Our employees and the advice

Professional advice based on the requirements of the animal fosterlings is our top priority. Our specialist staff is qualified (e.g. knowledgeable according to § 11 TierSchG) and advises both beginners and long-standing pet owners in detail on everything to do with birds. Our advice on the sale of live animals is based on the requirements of Section 21 of the Animal Welfare Act and the recommendations of the Veterinarians’ Association for Animal Welfare (TVT), is detailed and time-consuming.

Important: When buying live animals, always plan for a corresponding consultation time.

All of our bird species are only suitable for keeping at least in pairs. We do not sell birds individually. Please also consider the space requirements of a bird. Even the smallest species have an enormous urge to move, need enough space to fly and want to be occupied. So that your birds get everything they need to feel comfortable, our colleagues on site will also provide you with professional help on the subject of accommodation and furnishing. Be it when choosing the right bird home, the basic or additional equipment or tips on free flight and environmental enrichment.


Whether zebra finch or budgerigar, Lineolated Parakeet, parrotlet or lovebird – you will find your future feathered roommates with us. Without exception, our birds come from certified breeders with whom we have maintained an appreciative cooperation for many years. Our animal stocks and those of our breeders are regularly examined by internal and external veterinarians, as we attach great importance to healthy and lively birds.

Whether it’s keeping with the breeders, transporting the birds to our markets or keeping them on site – we attach great importance to animal-friendly handling and animal-friendly accommodation. This is done both by our breeders and by us at least according to the specifications of the Veterinary Association for Animal Welfare (TVT) for the pet trade. All of our birds undergo a thorough health check upon arrival and undergo initial quarantine prior to placement with our customers.


Additional info: Are you wondering why there are closed curtains on our bird system? The birds in these aviaries have just arrived and are now allowed to rest behind the curtains.

Of course, before the birds are passed on to our customers, a new health check is carried out. Even after the purchase, our colleagues on site are at your side with advice and action – that’s our after-sales service for you!

Important: We do not sell birds in cardboard boxes, only in stable transport boxes. You can either purchase these from us on site or bring them with you.

Our product range

Accommodation, Facilities And Employment

Whether it’s a spacious aviary, sleeping, transport or quarantine cage – discover our wide range of accommodation for birds, including the right equipment tailored to the needs of your animals. From perches with different diameters and made of different materials, e.g. B. natural wood or cotton, to swings, ladders, climbing frames and ropes to a large selection of bird toys, we have everything including nesting boxes and other nesting options for the animal-friendly accommodation and occupation of your darlings.

Cleaning and desinfection

To ensure that the bird sanctuary always remains clean and hygienic, we have the right cleaning agents and disinfectants ready for you. You can also find agents for parasite control in the bird shelter with us, e.g. B., from Ardap and Canina.


Of course you will also find the right bedding with us. choose e.g. B. from different wood chips or alternative types of bedding and let us advise you on the pros and cons of bird sand as a substrate.

Food for ornamental and wild birds

Our extensive range of food for ornamental and wild birds is second to none. In addition to our exclusive brand for wild birds, we have food from leading manufacturers in the field of bird nutrition for you on site.

Ornamental birds

With us you will find individual, supplementary and complete feedstuffs such as seeds that are tailored to the special needs of the individual species

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