Make Bird Food Yourself – Diy Ideas For Fan Balls And Co.


The year-round feeding of wild birds is no longer just optional, but mandatory. Due to various changes in the environment, the animals find less and less food in nature and are therefore dependent on our help.

In this blog article we have collected great DIY ideas for you to imitate – the wild birds in your garden will thank you! You can use the self-made fatty food e.g. B. pour into a cup, make feeding rings with the help of a Gugelhupf mold or make fat dumplings and fat cobs yourself.

The basis is a fat feed mixture. Here’s the recipe for it:

Instructions make fat food mix for wild birds

It only takes a few simple steps to make a feed mixture for wild birds from grains and fat. Children can also take part. You need about 30 minutes to prepare the mixture.

What is needed?

  • Stray food, peanuts, sunflower seeds, rose hips or dried insects (e.g. from Lottis Piepmätze)
  • Solid vegetable fat (e.g. coconut fat or coconut oil) – the fat should still be solid at +10°C, alternatively beef tallow or lard
  • Cooking spoon to stir, suitable pot

Preparation fat feed mix

  1. Melt the fat: Heat the fat in a suitable saucepan at low temperature until it is soft or liquid.
  2. Make the fat-grain mixture: add about the same amount of birdseed and stir the mixture thoroughly.
  3. Shape the feed mixture: Shape or fill fat feed


Homemade meissenkode

How about z. B. with homemade fat balls? Fat balls are the classic among wild bird feed. You can easily make this classic yourself.

What is needed for the foat balls?

  • Prepared fat feed mixture
  • Natural fiber cord. Alternatively, you can also omit the cord and offer the dumplings in feeding rings or columns.

Instructions make your myself bullets

Allow the grain and fat mixture to cool a little, then shape it into the shape you want. If you wish, provide them with a plastic-free suspension, for example a cord made of natural fibre.

Additional tip: Of course, you can also form the fat feed mixture into cobs!

The still hot mass can also be filled into molds and containers that are suitable as decorative feed dispensers. Just like in our next idea, the feeding cup.

Food cup

Our next DIY idea is a feeding cup. Offering food in a cup has several advantages. You can use old, cracked mugs that would otherwise end up in the trash. This is how you give these everyday objects a second, meaningful life. Simply fill the cup with freshly prepared fatty food and stick a small stick into the mass as a perch before it sets completely. To hang it up, simply pull a cord through the handle and the cup can be attached to a branch.

What does the feed cup need?

  • Prepared fat feed mixture
  • A small stick: diameter 1-2 cm
  • A cup
  • Natural fiber cord

Instructions feed cup

Pour the mixture into the cup and place the stick in the lower part. Set everything up. Attach a natural fiber cord to the handle and place it somewhere nice on the balcony or in the garden – done!


Additional tip: Of course, you can not only fill used cups with the feed mixture, but also halved coconuts and even halved oranges.



Feeding rings are also very popular. You can also easily make these yourself.

What does the feed ring need?

  • ox-shaped form, e.g. B. Small ring cake pan
  • Baking paper
  • Natural fiber cord
  • A small stick: diameter 1-2 cm

Instructions feed ring

Fill the still warm fatty food mixture into the mold. Stick the stick into the mass and let it harden.

Additional tip: lining the mold with baking paper makes it easier to remove the food mass from the mold after it has hardened.



With just a few ingredients, a bit of skill and creativity, you can make bird seed yourself and do something good for the wild birds in your garden or on your balcony. In our Kölle Zoo stores you will find a large selection of wild bird food – whether it is already ready to feed or to implement great DIY ideas!

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