Evotec Is Lining Up Cooperation After Cooperation


After the cooperation with Eli Lilly, the Hamburg-based company is now announcing a development cooperation with Boehringer Ingelheim in the field of eye diseases. In this case, the in-house iPS technology platform should be used for screening.


Evotec SE had hardly announced a cooperation with the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly in the field of kidney diseases when the next announcement followed. This time it is a development cooperation with Boehringer Ingelheim in ophthalmology.


The current partnership uses Evotec’s own iPS technology platform. Here, an in vitro model system of the organ of interest and its colonizing cell types can be explored by phenotypic screening of human iPSC cells. Thereby, Evotec’s PanOmics platform supports the characterization of the different disease phenotypes with the subsequent validation of the underlying promising targets for potential therapeutic interventions. Boehringer Ingelheim will then proceed with the discovery and development of potential therapeutic candidates. In addition to an undisclosed upfront payment and an RTD-based research payment, Evotec will continue to benefit from the successful advancement of the candidates in the form of milestones and tiered royalties.


dr Cord Dohrmann, Evotec’s Chief Scientific Officer, commented: “We are pleased to be able to use our unique iPSC and PanOmics-based approaches to treat ophthalmic diseases in this new partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim. Phenotypic screens based on human iPSC-based disease models are more likely to yield disease-relevant drugs than any other cell-based screening approach because our PanOmics evaluations are unbiased.”


In the cooperation with Eli Lilly, on the other hand, Evotec will rely on the expertise it has gained over many years from examining material from tissue databases in order to identify new starting points for therapeutic interventions in kidney diseases with the pharmaceutical partner.


In a detailed discussion with |winsomenews at the end of last year, Dohrmann highlighted the iPS technology platform, particularly in the area of ​​neurodegenerative diseases. There is a long-standing partnership with BMS here, and the Evotec CSO had also predicted groundbreaking new approaches there.

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