Biotech Start-Up Wins Competition


Neurevo develops solutions for the treatment of stroke and nervous disorders. In the final round of the Munich Business Plan Competition 2020 – organized by the Baystartup network – the young company was able to secure first place. The competition is an opportunity for founders to establish contacts with established companies and to receive serious evaluation of their concepts.


The biotech startup Neurevo, which is currently being founded, develops biotechnological solutions for the treatment of strokes, nervous diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Parkinson’s disease. The previous approaches, which are already in the preclinical test phase, have so far proved to be very promising.


The Munich-based researchers are researching protective mechanisms that are intended to protect nerve cells from cell death in the event of, for example, a spontaneously interrupted blood supply. It does this by reducing intracellular calcium and maintaining mitochondrial function. The ALS approach is the only one that has already been tested on humans and has been able to delay the course of the disease in three out of four patients, according to a company spokesman.


Now the startup has won the Munich business plan competition. This is organized by the startup network Baystartup in different regions of Bavaria and offers not only the chance of prize money (the three winners receive a total of 30,000 euros) but also a network of founders and established companies. Neurevo secured first place from a total of 117 submissions, ahead of Manyfolds, a company specializing in sustainable packaging solutions, and Qbound, which develops an IT security app. In addition to the realization of the business idea, evaluation criteria also include capital requirements and sales planning.


Neurevo is currently being financed by a grant from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and is also looking for investors from the biotechnology sector with whom it wants to take the next steps in company and drug development. According to Baystartup, winning the business plan competition is seen by investors as “a seal of quality for promising business ideas”. The photo shows the future Neurevo bosses Dr. medical Francisco Pan-Montojo Puga (left) and Jochen Rheinwald accepting the award.

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