Alarm Over The Increase In Scabies Cases In Spain


The viral complaint of a TikTok user generates a barrage of comments on social networks from others affected by the skin disease


Alarm in Spain due to scabies outbreaks. A TikTok user has lit the fuse of a concern that has been growing in recent days. Several comments have been added to his testimony on social networks that also claim to have contracted the disease.

What are the symptoms of scabies

The main symptom of this pathology is itching, which is very annoying and uncontrollable and is usually accentuated at night. Red skin rashes are another characteristic sign of the disease, which in its advanced stages, mainly due to irritation and the habit of scratching, can cause the appearance of scabs or eczema on the skin. In that case, the intake of medication may be necessary, always under the prescription of a doctor.

The profiles on the internet that have claimed to suffer from these symptoms underline that the infections are taking place in the changing rooms of clothing stores. In fact, the TikTok video that has put part of the population on alert denounces that the focus of the disease lies in these changing rooms, specifically, in the clothes of the establishments.

How to prevent contagion

The theory coincides with the recommendations of the medical authorities, which point out that washing clothes is the best way to prevent contagion. As some investigations also detail, an effective hygiene of our wardrobe is essential, since the presence of pathogens that transmit scabies and other infectious diseases has been discovered in garments that have not gone through a good wash.



As far as scabies diagnoses are concerned, some areas of Spain have reported an exponential increase in infections since the start of the pandemic. Mallorca is the clearest example: it registered an increase of 3,347 cases in 2021 compared to the previous year, a high rise that has surprised even specialists, who are unaware of the trigger for this sudden outbreak and do not attribute any specific cause.

The confinement or collapse of hospitals and Primary Care are factors that have been able to directly affect the transmission of this disease. Either by staying longer in closed spaces or by not going to the doctor when noticing the first symptoms, it is possible that the disease has been spreading with less control and that has accelerated its expansion, as some experts recognize.

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