Recipes For The Dog With Kidney Disease


Cooking for dogs themselves – this is still possible for dogs with reduced kidney function and can be a tasty alternative to ready-made kidney diet food. With meat, carbohydrates, vegetables, oils and vitamin Optimix Renal, you can design your ration with reduced protein and phosphorus, thereby relieving the kidneys.
Below you will find a prescription if only urea and creatinine are increased in the blood and a prescription if the blood phosphate is also increased.
Recipe suggestion for adult dogs with increased urea and creatinine in the blood (daily amounts in grams)

Recipe suggestion for adult dogs with high levels of urea, creatinine and phosphate in the blood (daily amounts in grams)

Additional Information:

Meat fish:

The meat should mainly be lean meat with a high fat content, goose, duck, chicken or turkey meat with skin, fatter cuts of beef (e.g. minced meat, breast, ribs), lamb or sheep are well suited here. Pork is also suitable when cooked or fried. If the exact fat content of the meat is known, care should be taken to achieve a fat content of at least 15%.

Once a week a fatty fish like salmon or mackerel also goes.



In kidney patients, muscle meat should be used predominantly in the first 6–8 weeks. Later, after consultation, the amount of offal can be up to a maximum of 30% of the meat quantity (i.e. offal can replace the complete meat ration about twice a week) in order to ensure the continued supply of the essential amino acids. However, if a strict kidney diet is necessary, i.e. a greater reduction in protein intake, offspring should be completely avoided.

Rumen, gizzard, spleen, heart, udder, lungs and kidneys are possible as innards. Compared to muscle meat, offal have a higher proportion of connective tissue and, if given in larger quantities, can cause a change in the consistency of the stool.

Liver is very high in vitamin A. The proportion of fresh liver should therefore not exceed 0.5 grams per kg of body weight per day (example 10 kg dog: 5 grams per day or 35 grams per week).

Gullet meat can possibly have adherent parts of the thyroid gland, so that regular feeding in larger quantities could have an impact on the body’s own hormonal balance.



In dogs with kidney disease, a needs-based supply of phosphorus must be ensured. Since bones are rich in phosphorus, bone feeding should be avoided entirely.



In order to keep the protein and phosphorus content of the ration as low as possible, carbohydrates are an essential additional source of energy.

Well suited are e.g. B. potatoes, pasta or rice. These starchy feeds are an easily digestible and readily available source of energy. They have to be cooked very soft to be usable (rule of thumb 15–20 minutes longer than usual for humans).

Variety is also possible here, provided that the products and the daily change are well tolerated.

A good alternative are different types of flakes such as B. potato or rice flakes. Before feeding, these should be soaked in about 3–4 times the amount of hot water and allowed to cool. A quantity of 100 gram of cooked carbohydrates correspond to approx. 25–30 g of dried flakes.


Vegetable and  fruit:

With a few exceptions, all types of vegetables and fruits can be used. In dog nutrition, they serve as a source of fiber. The following varieties must be avoided: onions, garlic, leeks, avocado, grapes and raisins. Instead of fresh vegetables or fruit, flakes or canned vegetables can also be fed. For a regular bowel activity, if you refuse to eat vegetables, the administration of cellulose fibers can be useful if the faeces are too soft.



Oils: To cover the essential fatty acids, safflower, hemp or sunflower oil AND salmon oil are recommended. The stated daily amount should consist of ¾ one of the vegetable oils and ¼ of salmon oil. Instead of salmon oil from the bottle, salmon oil capsules can also be used. As an alternative to the individual types of oil mentioned above, the feed medicus Optinature Fellglanz BARF oil can also be used in the specified amount.

Vitamin Optimix Renal is used to supply all necessary quantity and trace elements as well as vitamins.


We wish you a lot of fun feeding!

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