6 Tips For A Picky Cat


Cats are known to have a nose for quality. Good food for your pet is of course important to you as the owner, but what if your cat is so picky that he won’t touch even the tastiest snacks? Here are a few useful tips for dealing with a picky cat.

Does your cat have health problems?

Before you start using all sorts of tricks and tricks to get your cat to eat, it’s important to investigate whether health issues might be the reason she’s being so picky. Potential reasons may include: Toothache, a cold and stomach ache count. These complaints can be recognized by excessive meowing or lethargic behavior. When in doubt, always consult a veterinarian. Is your cat healthy and just picky? Then try the following tips.


  1. Feed your cat only her own food

Cats can beg. Once you give in, it will only get worse. As a result, your cat always prefers a tasty snack to its own food. She won’t touch the food until you treat her to a snack. It is therefore advisable to only give her her own cat food.


  1. Think about hygiene

Cats love to be tidy. Make sure the food is in a clean bowl in a clean and easily accessible location. Cats prefer to eat from a bowl that is free of leftover wet food that is several days old.


  1. Offer her good food

As already mentioned, cats have a nose for quality. In fact, if spoiled or bad ingredients have been used, they will smell it immediately. So choose good food! Yarrah food is pure and organic and contains all the nutrients your cat needs.



  1. Change gradually

Would you like to switch to a different food? Then proceed step by step. Cats are used to their food and prefer to eat what they are used to. A change in diet within a single day can result in your cat not eating their food.


  1. Make the food attractive

Do you only give her morsels? Make it more attractive by mixing some wet food into the kibble. Most cats love wet food and will eat the kibble with more appetite. A few drops of sardine oil on the crumbs can also work wonders. Even a very picky cat will probably not be able to resist. It can also help to offer the food in a different bowl; so it can be ruled out that it is due to the shell that little or no food is eaten. This also arouses the cat’s curiosity.


  1. Be patient with a picky cat

Unlike dogs, cats never eat all of their food in one go. Instead, they prefer to take their time and grab a bite every now and then. Has your cat still not touched a bite of their food after an hour? Then put the food away, but don’t give her anything else. This way she learns that she gets what you offer her and nothing else.

Tip: Check with a free-roaming cat to see if it might get food elsewhere or catch its own meals.

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