Melatonin At A Glance: A Sleep Hormone With Many Potential Qualities


Article Overview:

1- What is melatonin and how does it affect sleep?

2- Disturbances in the melatonin balance

3- Melatonin in foods

4- Can you buy melatonin?

5- Side effects of melatonin

6- Losing weight thanks to melatonin?

7- Conclusion

As far as our day-night rhythm is concerned, melatonin takes over the control in our body. Since the hormone is said to have a positive effect on our sleep, among other things, it is also booming as a dietary supplement.

After melatonin was discovered and named by a US dermatologist in 1958, it is not only the focus of science. The pharmaceutical industry as well as the food supplements industry has taken a liking to the sleep hormone.

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