Your Fingers Can Tell You Something About How You Are In A Love Relationship


Winsomenews has a very simple test for you that can tell you more than you think.

It’s as easy as looking at your thumb and comparing the lengths above (distal phalanx) and below (proximal phalanx) of the joint.

1. If the upper part is longer than the lower part

Passionate people who “jump” into love without weighing the consequences. Work, study and the rest of the world are just mirages next to the object of your desire. If for some reason your partner takes a little longer than usual to respond in the chat or because of things in life he does not answer the phone, it may be better to run because there will be an explosion of unexpected emotions.

2. If both phalanges are the same or almost

Calm and sensible people no matter what. They carefully plan their lives and the lives of their loved ones, whether it is small matters, work, or love relationships. In a relationship, these types of people facilitate unhurried development, full of thoughtful acts and attention to detail.

3. If the lower part (proximal phalanx) is longer than the upper part

It is natural for people with fingers in this way to gain the trust of those around them. They are sensible and observant, likewise they tend to analyze (a little more than others) what happens around them. Regarding relationships, it is typical that questions such as “what if?” Are asked. .

PS: Of course you know that this test does not have the absolute truth of things and is designed to entertain and get to know a little more about your better half.



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