50 Simple Cooking Tricks That Will Make Food Healthier


2- Fry in broth, not in oil.

Another way to make a healthier dish is to fry in a broth. A few tablespoons of broth are enough. Although it also has fat, its content is lower than oil.


3- Instead of mayonnaise, use plain yogurt.

Forget the mayonnaise from the store. It has too many preservatives and flavor enhancers. Prepare mayonnaise or any other sauce at home based on natural yogurt.


4- Include sesame seeds in your diet.

Sesame seeds are a very rich source of calcium. Add them to your vegetable salads and other dishes. First of all, they are very healthy; second, they look attractive and appetizing.


5- Bake your dishes.

If you want to follow the best traditions of healthy eating, forget about frying your stews. Baking is one of the healthiest ways to prepare food.


6- Prepare the ground beef on your own.

The meat that is used in stores to prepare ground beef is often too fatty or not as fresh. That is why it is worth spending a little more time and energy preparing your homemade ground beef and enjoying a truly delicious dinner.



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