Trimming You Dog’s Claws. This Is How It Works!


Caring for the paws and cutting the dog’s claws are important for the well-being and health of your four-legged friend. Too long claws can lead to pain, poor posture and injuries in dogs. This article will tell you how to properly trim dog nails and practical tips on wound care if you accidentally cut too deep.

How Often Should You Cut Dogs Claws?

Similar to the toenails and fingernails in humans, dog claws also constantly grow back. Ideally, your four-legged friend simply wipes them off himself while running on different surfaces. In this case, a regular visual inspection is sufficient. In many cases, however, the claws grow back faster than they can be expired. Even if your fur nose walks a lot on grass or soft surfaces, for example, you may have to help out regularly and cut your claws.

The control of the claws is therefore part of the regular grooming of dogs. How often you should do this depends on the one hand on the disposition of the dog and on the other hand on its living conditions. Many dogs naturally grind their claws as they run and run around. With some four-legged friends, however, you have to regularly check the length of the claws and shorten them if necessary.

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