What Is Autism And What Is Not?


There are many very different ideas and definitions of autism floating around on the internet and in science. Here I would like to dispel some myths, errors and prejudices.

– Autism is not a disease.

– Autism is a way of being, a way of being, a nature.

Autism is not psychological.

Autistic people are like that. Today this being is usually explained by the fact that the brain of autistic people is different from that of non-autistic people, i.e. an alternative brain design, an unusual neurological wiring, a different type of perception processing. From this point of view comes the concept of neurological diversity: no two brains are alike and autism is part of this diversity.

People on the autism spectrum are not all created equal.

Non-autistic people are different and individual, why should autistic people all be the same? Autism is a broad spectrum of different abilities, lifestyles, worldviews, etc. Some believe that autistic people are more different from one another than non-autistic people because they are less likely to follow the social group pressure that demands a certain adjustment.

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