What Is Autism, Its Forms, Diagnosis, Therapy, Main Cause And How Autistic People See The World?

1- Characteristics of autism

You don’t look at people with autism. Autistic people differ from non-autistic people in several areas. The characteristics of autism are different in each autistic person. We describe them in more detail here:

Difficulties in social understanding

I find it difficult to guess what others are thinking. Sometimes I don’t think about the fact that they can’t know things because I haven’t told them about them.Henry. J

Social understanding enables us to understand and predict the behavior of others, understand abstract social concepts, and imagine social situations that are outside of our everyday lives.

Difficulties in social understanding mean that an autistic person may find it difficult …

– … to imagine what other people think or feel in a certain situation, or to understand why they are doing something. This often causes misunderstandings and irritation in other people and makes it difficult for autistic people to “fit into” a group.

– … understand the unwritten rules that most people intuitively recognize.

– … predict what might happen next.

– … recognize certain dangers.

– … to play “pretend” games (some autistic children play such games, but they prefer to play the same scenes over and over, or they recreate scenes from books or films).

– … to recognize that other people do not automatically have the same level of knowledge as themselves (‘Theory of Mind’).

– … adjust to changes and plan for the future.

– … to find your way in new or unfamiliar situations.



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