Don’t Focus On Your Unhappiness. How To Keep A Positive Way Of Thinking?

According to a report published by the Spanish magazine “La Vida Lutida,” this is the way in which unhappiness can be transmitted, where people sometimes stop expressing their feelings, which in turn stops us understanding their feelings. This results in an ongoing cycle of negativity that does not benefit anyone. Let no one influence your positive thinking.


Don’t take it personally

Negative people generally won’t be satisfied with anything you say or do. And these people always feel miserable. So, don’t take it personally, because you can’t control other people’s thoughts and emotions. You can ask yourself if you are the cause of someone’s unhappiness, which makes them behave badly with you, like:

– Talking bad about you.
– Leaving you out of business.
– Ignore you or leave you alone.
– You find Lack of interest in what you’re talking about.
– Reject your invitations or cancel their plans with you.

Should you allow yourself to be abused? Of course not. But at the same time while defending yourself, don’t let these things have a way of affecting your feelings. These people are dealing with their fears and not feeling safe because of their lack of positive coping mechanisms.



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