Do Not Accept Them Automatically. How To Deal With “Cookies”?


With every visit to a new website, cookie banners always appear. Here, the user should think carefully about what they are doing, whether by agreeing to cookies or knowing the type of cookies that should be approved.

A good definition of cookies is that they are small text files that are stored by websites on your computer or smartphone device when you visit websites on the Internet.

They usually have the name of the website you are visiting and are used to track the user’s experience on the site and for other purposes, analytical or marketing.

Rebecca Weiss, from the German Association for Communications and Information Technology, said that the users have to deal with the fact that their data are being processed in one way or another. There is noting that the user should answer.  Some basic questions so that they do not spend several minutes checking the criteria for cookies whenever they visit a new web site.

Why Is Data Protection Important?

The user should ask themselves what is the importance of data protection to them, as they have the option to accept all cookies publicly. “Once the user accepts the cookies, they accept the use of free services in exchange for his private data, and they have no problem with that,” added Rebecca Weiss. In this case, the user must click on the “accept” or “accept all” button, and if the user does not want that, then they must move to the next question.

Is There Any Desirable Comfort Behind Surfing The Web?


If the user wants to protect his or her data and spend a little effort, he or she has to do two clicks most of the time. Besides clicking on the “Accept” button, there is an option for “Settings” or “Personalization”, and here you must take into account that these buttons are often in color. Gray and blurred, unlike the “OK” button, which is highlighted in eye-catching colors.

When the correct button is found, the user finds behind this button a list of all cookies, which the company operating the website wants to set, and here in a clear color , the button “Accept All” is also highlighted. In addition to the availability of some alternatives such as “save and exit” or “optional save” , where in this case only technically necessary cookies are set. These cookies fall under the “legitimate interests” of the company operating the website. If the user is not sure about it, they should proceed to the next step.

Which Purposes Of Cookies That Need Support?

There are currently 3 categories of cookies, which are technical cookies, are essential for the website to function properly. These cookies like the one that preserves the quality of products, which have been placed in the shopping cart in electronic stores. The second category is analytics cookies, which measure web browsing behaviors. The third is marketing cookies, which ensure that ads appear in line with the user’s individual interests.

Klaus Ballenberg, who belongs to the Center for Consumer Protection,  in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany, explained that “the user should, as much as possible, deselect all non-technical cookies.” The problem with cookies appears in particular with the category that creates a detailed user profile and it should be doubted when it comes to cookies from third parties.

Holger Blaisch, editor of the German technology magazine CT (c’t), pointed out that the problem is that it is difficult to know what cookies are set, and if company names are only listed on cookie banners, then the user can guess The type of cookies behind it.

It is advisable to take a look at the “Legitimate Interests” tab, as cookies from third parties are listed under it. All options available for cookies should be checked if the user is unsure of the goals of the website operating company, then

Web users who have technical expertise that pertain to additional tools and web browser settings can do a lot of actions before browsing the web. So, if third-party cookies are blocked from storing cookies, there will be no worry about dealing with cookie banners, in addition to resisting cookies to a certain degree.

But upon calling the website all the cookie banners will appear again, cookies can also be removed every certain period.



Winsomenews Staff