Coffee, Singing And Sleeping Are Your Way To Keep Your Mind Healthy

In her plan to improve the health of the mind, Meg emphasizes the need for seven activities, in which you can protect your brain from dementia whether you are young or near old age.

1- Singing

If you pursue talent detection programs for older people, you will be interested in the state of mental and physical activity of those trying to try, whether it works or not, in any case their mental and mental presence is striking, because singing or playing a musical instrument stimulates mental activity and takes away the spectre of dementia.

In a study presented by researchers at the University of Helsinki of Finland on the benefits of singing, they discovered that older singers have more mental and cognitive flexibility than other non-musicians and singers, who are at the same age, singing in groups that develop the bond between the team and protect them from the disturbing effects of loneliness on mental health.

2- Sauna

Many studies have linked the use of sauna to Alzheimer’s prevention, as it is an effective treatment, because it activates the body through heat, improves cardiovascular performance, reduces infections and regulates sleep.

3- Tai Chi Practice

Tai Chi is a sport of meditation and self-defense that is more useful than other sports that contribute to the preservation of mental abilities. According to much research, Tai Chi has stopped the progression of dementia in a number of people with weak mental abilities, and has improved their cognitive functions in a manner similar to other types of cognitive exercises and practice of sports.



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