Tricks To Fall Asleep In Less Than A Minute


You may be having nightmares or strange dreams and have a harder time sleeping than usual (if you’re lucky enough to fall asleep right away). We can’t control the issue of nightmares or weird dreams, but we can help you sleep faster with a series of tricks that are scientifically supported.

Sleep in 10 seconds “Impossible”, you’ll think. Now, this method, called the military method, takes 120 seconds to perform, but it’s said that the last 10 seconds are really the time it takes to finally fall asleep.

As Healthline tells us, this method was popularized by Sharon Ackerman and comes from a routine created by the United States Navy to help its pilots fall asleep in less than two minutes. It is said that it takes the pilots six weeks of practice to perfect it, but they manage to do so, even by drinking coffee a little before going to sleep and with background gunfire noises.

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