6 Easy Aerobic Exercises For Those Who Have Little Time

Only those who want to be sedentary! See how to burn calories by making small changes to your daily activities

In the past seven years the number of sedentary people has practically doubled. According to the latest National Health Survey carried out by IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), the number of Brazilians who practice less than 150 minutes / week of exercise jumped from 20% to 46%. And believe it, this happens because of time limits! The good news is that for those with a tight schedule, aerobic exercise is a good solution to get out of your comfort zone.

It is possible to improve your health significantly by changing a few simple habits that make all the difference. See below for ways to move around without having to enroll in the gym:

1- Go out to dance

Combining fun with calorie loss is the most enjoyable way to exercise! Whether at home or at the club, the important thing is to keep the activity for at least an hour. Depending on the pace and intensity of the dance moves up to 2000 calories can be eliminated.

2- Clean the house

According to fitness coach Shirlaine Stelze, it is possible to burn up to a thousand calories in an hour and a half of cleaning! In addition to keeping your body up to date, the house will be clean and tidy. Who knew, huh?

3- How about changing the elevator for the stairs?

No laziness! Going up and down stairs helps to burn fat, eliminate cellulite and improves cardiovascular health. The effectiveness is so great that a person of 65 kilos can burn about 500 calories when descending and climbing stairs in an hour – depending on the number of steps, of course.


4- Go cycling

The bicycle is one of the easiest aerobic exercises for beginners. Whether walking on weekends or even commuting to work or studying, it is always a good option. Remember that riding a bicycle burns more than 500 per hour at a moderate pace! Don’t forget this friend of good shape and the environment!

5- Use the phone to your advantage

Those who spend a lot of time on the phone, whether for leisure or work, can try walking while talking. For those who are sedentary every step matters! Have you ever thought how much time you spend wiggling or talking on the phone?

6- Watch TV exercising

How about enjoying that relaxing moment of watching the soap opera to move the skeleton a little? Stretch and even sit-ups while being distracted by watching your favorite program. You eliminate two goals at the same time without giving up the fun.


Winsomenews Staff

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