Exercises Without Excuse: Do Not Abandon Your Training Due To Lack Of Time

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often do not realize that health care is left behind amid so many commitments. However, putting the body in motion is vital so that it can meet the demands of everyday life, and for that, avoiding the lack of time is essential so that you do not abandon physical exercises. But how do I have two hours of my day to work out?

For those who still believe that it takes a long time to keep the body in shape, it has been proven that short and intense workouts are more effective for those who want to lose weight. According to a study, practicing intense exercises for 30 minutes can bring very positive results for women who are constantly fighting with the scale. In other words, the excuse ‘I have no time to work out’ can no longer be used.

Great news for anyone thinking of adopting healthier habits, isn’t it? If you got excited about the news and are already thinking about which gym to enroll in, Christian Barbosa, a specialist in time management and productivity, gives you some tips on how to optimize your time so that you no longer have to cross your training schedule.

Make an assessment – first of all, take a space in your diary to assess your health, so look for a fitness trainer and make sure you are able to exercise. If this is not possible, start your training with light activities such as, for example, a simple walk;

Plan your schedule thoroughly – visualize next week’s situation to check priorities and include time in your planning to devote to physical exercise. Prioritize for each day of the week only what will be done, the possibilities should always be left aside;


Say no to the boycott – for this planning to work, you need to be very committed to yourself. The important thing is to start, then you will adapt more easily to the new routine;

Workout companion – At first, exercising alone can be really discouraging. The tip is to find someone who shares the same need to support one another. It can also be a great way to use your time to conduct personal and professional surveys;

Wake up early – this item is very important. If you hate to wake up early, but need to exercise, for example, and that would be the only time available, set that purpose in your mind. Always think about the results that you get at that time can bring you, for your health;

How to wake up early? Discipline your body to sleep a little earlier. But, there is no point in wanting to sleep 1 hour early from one hour to the next, it will be almost impossible. Now if you do the adaptation gradually, sleep 15 minutes before your time each day, in a few days you will be able to discipline your body to anticipate your sleep. And so gradually, when he realized in a few months he managed to establish a new sleep pattern;

Best time – when starting physical exercise many people end up choosing vacant times between work and university or after work. Don’t forget that the morning is also a great option. However, if your only alternative is to work out at night, no problem. It has been proven that the story that sports at night impairs your sleep is pure myth. If you exercise properly before bed, your sleep will be more restful and your mood during the morning will be greater;

Choose the right exercise for you – hate walking? So, don’t choose the treadmill. The big secret for achievements to work is to sacrifice yourself a little to do what you really like, whatever it is. It’s your choice.


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