11 Ways to Avert Depression

4. Minimize your daily choices

Having several choices can really be a serious reason that can cause depression, according to researchers.  There is a book entitled “The Paradox of Choice” which is written by the psychologist  Barry Schwartz. The book talks about a situation when a person faces many choices. If that person, who are called according to the book “maximizers”, tries to make the optimum and the best choice, then they confront high rates of depression.

In our everyday life, our lives are full of choices. Which car should I buy, and do I have to cook this for lunch or that? Just the tension of the choice whether it is right or wrong can lead to depression. You can alleviate this pain of making choices by simplifying things. On the one hand, you have to learn to make decision easily and quickly. On the other hand, minimize most of the decisions you will have to make during the work week.

5. Diminish stress

One of the most preventable universal causes of depression is chronic stress. In order to have an optimal mental health, you have to learn how to manipulate and deal with stress. To deal with stress, you must avoid engagement to almost everything. You have to practice meditation or mindfulness. Also, you should not bother yourself with things you cannot control.


6. Keep your treatment plan

If you went through the experience of one depressive episode, then there is a high chance you will go through another one. In order to stop this from happening, you have to maintain your treatment plan. Some of the tips that can help you maintain treatment. First, never stop prescription medications all of a sudden. Second, visit your therapist for “maintenance” from time to time. Third, always keep practicing the strategies and everything your therapist taught you.

7. Get plenty of sleep

Nobody can deny that having enough of high-quality sleep is mandatory for both physical and mental health. People who suffer from insomnia have the double risk of having depression in comparison with those who sleep well.  So, here some tips to follow in order to get better sleep. First, do not use any screen before you sleep at least for two hours. Second, do not drink caffeine after noon. Third, try to meditate before you sleep.


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