+20 Photos Confirm That Our Grandparents Were Strikingly Charming In Their Youth

#11: “My grandmother was very beautiful in the 1930s-40s. Unfortunately, I never got to meet her.”

Image Credits: © PurpleSpanks / Imgur

#12: “My grandfather, a veteran from Brooklyn, in his uniform, with the love of his life, my grandmother”

Image Credits: © cookinwithspice / Reddit

#13: “So, my grandmother was stunning.”

Image Credits: © DukeBravo / Imgur

#14: “Great-grandfather, colorized”

Image Credits: © Issaallen16 / Imgur

#15: “My 18-year-old grandmother in Brighton, in 1949. She was so beautiful.”

Image Credits: © HannibalsPassiveAgressiveTwin / Imgur


#16: “60-year-old photo, from 1960, of my grandpa in his early 20s. The letter in his pocket is a love letter from my grandma.”

Image Credits: © Smellie305 / Reddit

#17: “My grandma — She reminds me of a better-looking version of Barbra Streisand.”

Image Credits: © decayingplaastic / Imgur© indigogogogo / Imgur

 #18: “My grandmother when she was 18, winning a beauty pageant in Louisiana”

Image Credits: © vandymace9000 / Imgur

#19: “Here’s a picture of my grandfather and his first wife in 1938.”

Image Credits: © SirTremendous / Imgur

#20: “My grandma was hotter than many.”

Image Credits: © bakemal / Imgur


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