+20 Photos Confirm That Our Grandparents Were Strikingly Charming In Their Youth

As the saying goes, time flies. Time goes noticeably quickly, and while doing so, many trends, the superstars and idea of a great body dimensions and proportions continuously change. However, the true standard of beauty is austere, simple and slef-evident through the decades. Because of the mentioned reasons, we sometimes spend a great time looking, contemplating, and inspecting our grandparents. We find those pictures overflowing with calmness and beauty.

We at Winsomenews believe that our grandparents  could have effortlessly become idols or celebrities of show business or social media if they had a chance to live in the 21st century. We invite you to have a look at these photos from all aound the world and what their owners commented on them.

#1: “The very first picture my granddad took of my grandma”

Image Credits: © sandshoesman / Imgur

#2: “My great-grandmother was a beautiful lady.”

Image Credits: © spinninfire / Imgur


#3: “Today, my grandmother showed me a picture of her on a date with my grandfather in the 1950s.”

Image Credits: © sarahbobera / Imgur

#4: “What a find! My beautiful grandmother in the mid-’40s”

Image Credits: © jvmo41 / Imgur

#5: “My grandma once told me, you never know how truly beautiful you are until you grow old. On the left is her on her wedding day.”

Image Credits: © unknown_user / Imgur

#6: “My grandparents after my grandmother ran away from her family to be with my grandfather, 1951”

Image Credits: © unknown_user / Imgur

#7: “My beautiful grandma in the 1940s”

Image Credits: © Minthepin / Imgur© CosmicP**e / Imgur

#8: “My husband’s grandfather, Richard, around the 1940s-ish. He was a boxing champ and timber mill worker, living in Heyfield in rural Victoria, Australia. I honestly can’t get over how really, really, ridiculously good looking he was.”

Image Credits: © Ellywashere / Imgur

#9: “This is a picture of my grandmother 80 years ago. She’s 100 today and the most beautiful person I’ve ever known, inside and out.”

Image Credits: © Turnerca902 / Imgur

#10: “I restored a picture of my late grandmother from 1946. She died last weekend at the age of 98. She was 27 in this picture. I wanted to share how beautiful she is.”

Image Credits:  © Tacogasm / Imgur


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