+20 Times Pit Bulls Mixed With Other Breeds, And The Result Was Really Amazing

Pit Bulls have kind of a bad reputation. It is known that aggressive dogs are made and not born. There are different ways to make a dog aggressive such as an owner who does not socialize them as puppies or even abuse or starve them into adulthood. Fortunately, there is a good side of everything bad and we are going to prove it throughout this article.

Here is a compilation of pictures that show any dog can be cute and charming despite having some Pit Bull genes. The compiled list of pictures contains awesome mixes of different breeds of dogs with Pit Bull.

#1 Pit Bull + Australian Cattle Dog

There is a book entitled: Pit Bull: The Battle Over an American Icon which is written by Bronwen Dickey. The author of the book tries to shed light on the negative opinions and views about pit bulls and how these views have been shaped by false impressions. 

Athough Dickey was seen as an apologist and the target of menace for a brutal and fierce animal , she become unintentionally a heroine for the pro-pit bull community.

Dickey told National Geographic that: ‚ÄúPeople who have studied Pit Bull attacks, like Jeffrey Sacks at the CDC, have shown that when it comes to fatalities caused by Pit Bulls, the breed identifications are often not accurate.” She also said: “The title ‘Pit Bull’ has expanded so dramatically over the years that people are lumping any dog with a large head and short coat into that category rather than separating out each of the Pit Bull breeds.”

#2 Pit Bull + Corgi

#3 Pit Bull + Lab


#4 Pit Bull + Husky

#5 Pit Bull + Australian Shepherd

#6 Pit Bull + German Shepherd

#7 Pit Bull + Bulldog

#8 Pit Bull + Great Dane

#9 Pit Bull + Rottweiler

#10 Pit Bull + Beagle

#11 Pit Bull + Husky

#12 Pit Bull + Yorkie

#13 Pit Bull + Pug

#14 Pit Bull + Australian Shepherd

#15 Pit Bull + Corgi


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