+7 Etiquette Rules that Any Lady Needs to Know

People from all walks of life are supposed to follow some rules of etiquette. This applies to both times the present and the past. However, the rules were strict in the past than nowadays because our behaviors have changed. But still, some details can say a lot whether a lady is true or not.

We at winsomenews are swayed that queens and princesses are not the only people who have good manners. Here, we are going to share with you some tricks related to behavior, text messages and appearance that will help you act like supremacy and bolster your confidence, courage and morale.

1. Follow makeup rules.

Two things can never be seen on the face of a real lady are: red lipstick and dark eye shadow. This combination of the two can be done separately, that is to say, you can wear one accent on your face.


2. Don’t turn around if a person doesn’t call you by your name.

According to the rules of etiquette, it is utterly not proper to call a stranger “Hey!” on the street. A well-mannered lady will never turn around after hearing any vulgar exclamation apart from her name. In order to have a good dialogue, it should start with neutral words like, “excuse me” or “sorry.”

3. Don’t be afraid of work.

They say that real lady never escapes physical labor. Back in time, especially in wartime, empresses and duchesses worked in hospitals as sisters of mercy. For example, the Grand Duchess, whose name is Elena Pavlovna, bandaged the wounded people herself while visiting the hospitals on a regular basis. In the presen-day, ladies can do some alternative work such as gardening.

4. Respect yourself and your time.

Sometimes guests pay you a visit without telling you in advance. If this case happens, the solution is to meet them in a bathrobe and curlers. We can also give another piece of advice that is borrowed from a British lady. Whenever some guests show up without informing her and suddenly appear on the doorstep of her house, she constantly wore shoes, put on a hat and grabbed an umbrella. If she is gratified and happy to meet them, she says, “Oh, Lucky you, I have just came back home!” And if she is not, she would exclaim, “Ah, I have to leave the house now what a pity!”

5. Don’t lean back in your chair.

A lady is supposed to sit in the middle of the chair if she is sitting at a table. A space should be left between the chair and the lady’s back. There is a body position which is called “pose of the duches”. In this position, you sit staright but free and there should be some equal space between the body and the edge of the table to the distance between the wrist and the fingertips. Something of an utmost importance is that a lady can be recognized by her posture. One main thing that can make you forget about the a straight back is leaning on the back of the chair all the time.

6. Know the rules of correspondence.

In the modern times, many adjustments have taken place. This is one of the reasons why texting rules have emerged. A lady should never answer a message on the spot for two reasons. The first reason is to let the person she talks to know that she has some personal things to do, which don’t let her answer the text messages immediately.  The second reason is that she knows that it is suitable to make a phone call if you want to let the other person know about something very important or urgent. But, out of respect for the person she is talking to, she will not delay her answer for more than twenty minutes.

7. Don’t put your phone on the table.

It is almost out of the ordinary to see a lady putting her phone on the table if she is in a public place such as a café of restaurant. It is clear that the information on the smartphone is a part of the lady’s private life and it is preferred and valuable to hide the smartphone from strangers.

8. Don’t keep your hands on your waist.

Rarely when a lady keeps her hands on hips while posing, simply because ladies never opt for this pose. Sometimes, people face a situation where there is no place to put their hands. If you find yourself in this situation, it is preferable to hold your hands in front of your body, and by doing this your body position will match the rules of etiquette.

9. Use words of appreciation in moderation.

If you continuously recite phrases of gratitude and appreciation, people would believe that you have a good upbringing. This is not always true. It is better to not overuse words of appreciation and gratitude such as, “please” and “thank you.” If you overuse them, the meaning of these words will be perceived as a false praise.