8 Signs That Your Kidneys Are Not Working Properly


Often many people tend to have problems related to the kidneys, this may be due to an oversight in their health, the increase in food or drinks that harm the organs, or some specific disease that damages both the kidneys and the whole organism .

Generally, some symptoms usually appear that alert us to kidney problems, however, these can be confused with general discomforts and it is necessary to know how to identify them to control and eradicate the condition. These are the 8 signs that tell us that our kidneys are not working properly.

1. Having hypertension is a clear sign of kidney problems.

When these organs are not working properly, it tends to accumulate too much sodium and fluids in the body, thus destabilizing blood pressure and causing very serious cardiovascular problems. It is best to see a doctor as soon as possible to rule out this and other conditions.

2. Allergies, rashes and skin blemishes

When the blood is clean, our skin remains healthy and free of any signs of disease. Usually we realize that something is wrong with the kidneys because they do not perform their detoxifying function in the blood, so pimples, allergies and rashes begin to appear throughout the body.

3. Bad breath

Due to the accumulation of toxins in the body, you tend to have terrible breath, you can even suffer from a loss of taste in the short term, of course, if you do not see a doctor in time.


4. Back aches and pains

Discomfort in the lumbar area is a clear sign that the kidneys are failing, perhaps due to having kidney stones or some other condition related to these organs.

5. Fatigue and prolonged tiredness

The kidneys help produce a hormone called erythropoietin, which is responsible for generating red blood cells and providing energy to the body. Lack of this hormone makes the body feel low, very tired and anemia occurs.

6. Fluid retention in body inflammation

The kidneys are in charge of filtering wastes and fluids from the body, so when these do not do their job, there is a so-called fluid retention, which is noted with inflammation of the legs, feet, back and belly.

7. Bad smell and color in urine

Typically, our body’s liquid waste is light yellow and odorless. If you notice a yellower color than usual and with a totally unpleasant aroma, you have kidney problems.

8. Constant changes in daily urination

You may go to the bathroom a lot of times a day, or you may just not evacuate. These types of changes should be an alert for you, so try to go to the doctor and rule out diseases as soon as possible.

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