Funny Pictures From “Cat-Video Calls” That Look Impish Shared By Cat Owners

It is quite normal to say that Zoom is the hype of 2020. Around 200 million of people use Zoom every day in order to see each other. These past few months, people have spent hours online either chatting with friends, colleagues or family members.

While these people are on an online discussion something pops up or gets involved. In this case, we have cats. People take a picture of cat in an strange position, they try to add a video call frame and then add a shot of another cat astonished and bewildered by the steamy position. Scroll down so as to see the funny pictures of these copycats.  And when a feline singleton gets interested, tell his or her that he is or she is catfished.   

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The internet is like a very big cat park where cat pictures and video are roaming wild. This is why people should not wonder why cats in particular are everywhere on social media.

Matt Smith, who is a viral expert and cofounder of the Viral Factory believes: “It is partly because cats are so acrobatic.” He also added to the Telegraph that cats and kittens that are properly nourished love to play around and jump, on a basic level, they are very entertaining to watch. They climb and balance and perform amazing feats. We are mesmerized by their agility,”

Back in time, pet owners, especially those who pet cats, love to take pictures of their cats. Back to the 80s, this trend was so popular when the advent of cheap, reasonable cameras before the existence of the Internet.  Matt told the telegraph also: “Back then, owners filmed their pets and would show the footage perhaps to their immediate family or a few friends, hoping they will become internet sensations that’s why people share their cat videos,” In fact, there are some video on Youtube, especially a video of a cat hugging a baby kitten, which has more 60 million views.

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