4 Tips to Manage Self-Care During a Pandemic


Our day-to-day life has been affected by the spread of Coronavirus. New challenges appeared in homes while billions of people are on lockdown. In this period of time, it is remarkably important to keep a physical well-being for those who work, but keeping a  good mental health is important as well. Here are four tips to sustain mental health while being in quarantine.

The first tip is physical relaxation. People always aspire for physical affection and human touch. For those who live by themselves, there are some methods to use in order to give their bodies the affection they need.

This affection can happen through massage therapy. Don’t be afraid. A Licensed masseuse or masseur is not required. There are many types of massage you can do all by yourself. You can massage your back, feet, chest or your neck with no need for equipment. Many instructions for self-massage are available online in order to give yourself some relaxation. You can also use baths. You can immerse yourself in  hot water and add some epsom salt to heal yourself.

The second tip is nutrition. People may eat a lot during this lockdown which is considered quite normal in times of crisis. People should not penalize themselves for wanting some they cherish to eat, but to keep a nutritious diet is important for healthy system.

Here are some apps designed for managing a healthy diet:

There 5 apps that can help you keep a healthy diet.

1- Kitchen stories – it helps you in step-by-step new video recipes

2- Waterlogged – it reminds you of keeping your body hydrated.

3- Rise Up – it focuses on the emotional relationship with food.

The third tip is sleeping. There is some confusion about our sleep during the lockdown. People no longer wake up early to take kids to school, go to work or attend religious events but it is very important to keep sleeping patterns so as to keep your physical and mental health.


There are some tips that can help you decide what sleep routines you want to maintain. There is an app. It is called SleepCycle. It tracks your sleep patterns and adjusts it. Also, if you have problems of falling asleep easily, you can opt for Relax & Sleep Well or DigiPill. They provide free meditations and therapeutic exercises. On the one hand, there are some herbal supplements like melatonin. It helps you calm the nervous system. On the other hand, there are some Homeopathic remedies like taking a hot shower or drinking chamomile tea.

The fourth tip is social connection from a distance. The lockdown means that therr is possibility for physical gathering to take place with neither far families nor friends. However, there  are some online alternatives tools that can bring people together.

The first one is HouseParty. It is fantastic way to connect with your friends or family members. This app allows 8 people to chat via a video on split screen. You can also game options in this app.

The second one is MarcoPolo. It looks like walkie talkie but it’s even better. You can send video messages to person or to a group. The receiver can check on the spot or later when online. This app is free and perfect if you have a busy schedule to keep.

We have tackled these resources but there are many others that can help you during lockdown. Please, it is of an utmost importance to prioritize your health and protect it.


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