He created a series of Comics as a response to Coronavirus Epidemic

This man is from Singapore. He used to send inspiring and positive messages via the use of comics and artwork. This man is a picture-book author and artist.

As you know the coronavirus started spreading in the late January 2020 and developed very easily. New social problems are faced every day in Singapore as a reaction of what’s happening because of the coronavirus. People started buying masks and food because of panic. So, this man, as a fast way so as to express his ideas about these issues, started creating artwork and comics.

Along with the hashtag #PrayForWuhan, the man created a “logo”. He made use of characters of Wuhan and including a blue ribbon. It was done on January 30 th after the virus was spreading in China. The man felt sad because of this bad piece of news. The reason why he did that was that he wanted to spread some positivity and show support to the people living in Wuhan. After that, this logo developed into a series of art works and comics.