Amazing News, Guess who is back in fashion these days.

Mullets are back in fashion these days. They are coming especially for small towners. But the good news all the same blokes: mullets are officially back in fashion. There is a lady whose name is Idalina Domingos. She is 24 years old. She is a hairdresser who works at a salon in London said she regularly cuts mullets for customers.

She said that she cuts at least one or two a week. People from all walks of life are coming around to the idea of modern mullets. These haircuts are fun to have and it’s on their way to become more popular.

Another man, who is a hairdresser too, said that you can’t go wrong with a mullet. He has done a lot these haircuts in the last year for both girls and guys.

So if you’ve never quite lived in the 80s, you’re lucky to try mullets in 2020.