After She Tweeted A Picture Of Man Who Bought Her A Bike In A Refugee. After 36 Hours The Reunion Took Place.


A girl is reunited with the aid worker after 25 years. It was like transporting her through time when she had seen that man who bought her a bike when she was 5 years old. This happened due to an appeal on Twitter to find him.

The lady’s name is Mevan Babakar who lived in a refugee camp near Zwolle in the Netherlands with her parents in the 1990s.

Mevan is taking a sabbatical from her job so as to retrace the journey her family took after fleeing Iraq during the Gulf War.

The picture of the man who worked at the refugee camp was tweeted on Monday. She asked people to help her identify him. She said she was on cloud nine when the man gave her the bike. She said: “I want just to know his name. Help!”

Luckily, the tweet was retweeted many many times, and some other responded to her tweet by saying that the man helped them, too. The cherry on the cake was not only had the man been found, but he living close from Bakkar, who is 29 years old, in order to meet him in person that day.

The  reunion took palce in Germany. It was the place where Egbert lives. Mevan after meeting Egbert said: “felt like I’d been transported back in time. I felt safe, like I’d seen a family member I hadn’t seen in a long time.”

 “It was hugely surreal and kind of overwhelming, a lot of emotions at once,” she told one of the famous newspapers on the phone.


After the meet-up, the man Egbert recalled Mevan and her mother after all those years of absence. They planned to stay in touch and see each other in the course of time. Meavan said that her mum is very happy to meet the man.

After the meeting with Egbert went viral, people from all over the world sent her messaged her with people’s acts of kindness toward Mevan and her mother when they were refugees. Mevan said that it’s rare to hear such stories, simply because they happened at a time of risks and danger, and they were merged into other people’s lives quite easily. There is always a good and positive story for every refugee bad story.

Mevan said: “the most important thing I want people to realize is that as an individual, you are powerful, and you’re powerful in the way you treat people.

“When things are bleak and when things are dark, there are always acts of kindness between people that can shape a lifetime.”


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