Amusing ways cats chill out

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Summer’s here, and we humans can’t wait to throw on our swimsuits and cool off in the nearest body of water with our friends and an ice-cold beverage. Cats don’t wear little swimsuits, but they definitely look for ways to keep their cool during the summer’s sweltering heat. Here are nine ways cats get their chill on.

  1. Bathtub lounge

When temperatures rise, cats look for cool places to lounge inside our homes. They may park themselves on a nice tile floor, or chillax in a porcelain bathtub or sink. And what better place to host a party for their feline friends? Who needs a groovy, sunken  living room, when you can entertain in the cool confines of a tub. B.Y.O. Treats.

2. Happy hour

Kitties need extra hydration during the summer months, and they expect us to keep the drinks flowing. It’s always happy hour when they have fresh water readily available. Their drinks may not have little umbrellas sticking out of them, but the refreshment is real, bro.

3. Fan-tastic times

Fans of all shapes and sizes are a must for homes without air conditioning, and cats enjoy that fresh airflow as much as their sweaty people do. And if the fan’s breeze happens to reach the litter box,

a cat will probably feel like he’s on a sandy beach. Bliss!

4. Private cabanas

We humans can provide shady escapes from the heat by offering cat condos, cubes and boxes to block the sun’s searing rays from our kitties’ furry bodies. It’s like relaxing in a mini cabana! Bring on the meow-garitas!

5. Ice hockey

Cats are naturally athletic and love to swat their favorite toys across smooth floor surfaces. Unlike the professional leagues, feline ice hockey’s season is smack in the middle of the summer months. The ice feels refreshing to kitty’s paws and, as the cubes melt, they become a liquid refreshment that’s way tastier than any old hockey puck. Score!

6. Throw in the towel

Typically, cats aren’t fond of water; however, they’ll probably feel some relief from the heat when we give them a quick rubdown with a wet towel. Sure, they’ll probably commence with a fastidious grooming session to get their hair back into place, but that’s OK — we humans usually like to restyle our wet hair, too.

7. Lighter hairdo

Some of us like to sport a shorter hairstyle during the warmer months because — let’s face it — all that hair can feel too darn uncomfortable! Our cats have all-over hairdos, and they also enjoy the comfort of a lighter load on hot days. We humans can help by brushing more often, releasing some of that furry weight. Hey, kitty — cool hairdo!

8. Energy conservation

The summer’s heat makes kitties feel extra lethargic, resulting in more naps. More naps, you say? Is that possible? Yes it is!


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